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In short, a Visionary Space is one that reflects the ideals, interests and esthetics of our client's biggest investments.  At Visionary Spaces we take design and staging to the next level where we partner and work with Washington DC's premier home developers and luxury market real estate agents to help design, stage and ultimately sell their properties for top dollar in record time.


We believe that collective thinking, collaborative efforts and creative ideas always warrant an end product that is sure to impress even the most discerning customer. 

What's In A Visionary Space?

The Process


Our experienced interior design team is the first touch point in our unique process.  As you are in the beginning phases of your development, we can assist with space planning, flow, architectural details and other design concepts to be included in blueprinting.  

We walk side by side with you throughout the entire design and building process to consult on everything from materials, finishes, lighting and hardware.  


As your project is nearing completion, our Staging team steps in to meet with the developer and agent to discuss the design direction, look and feel that the staging should convey.  We take into consideration location, buyer audience and the home itself before we start compiling a coordinating staging design.  

Our main focus is to excite and amaze potential buyers as soon as the step over the threshold. 

Getting started is simple and easy.  

Call us directly or send a message to get your customized design plan started.


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